Eastern Signs Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen city, Guangdong province. Since 2004, we are the direct supplier of high-end exhibition equipment for both internal China and overseas markets. Our items are suitable for all kinds of advertisement and tradeshow, and compared with the same business suppliers, we have greater advantages in production experience, workshop facilities, research capacity and sales team. Moreover, we are dose to Guangzhou & Foshan where many export business & logistics companies located, developed transportation & delivery.

Our factory is about 4,800.00 sq.ft, including specific department like administration, financial, production, distribution, research and design. We have been paying attention to digital printing many years and we are experienced for every production steps, which greatly reduces the lead time and meanwhile, ensure products quality.

We introduced top graded production facilities and items we make meet international import & export standards. We have first-rate printing machines like Mimki JV34 260, JV33, Roland & Mutoh, high resolution outcomes. J-teck ink is imported from Italy, environmental, high color fastness and anti-wash. Heat transfer paper is from Netherlands and use ratio up to 95%. All of our fabric materials are fire-resistant with SGS certificate.

We have professional employees special for products research, plane design & 3D, and we accept OEM orders like different materials & sizes. NO MOQ, just aims to meet various clients' demand.

What you are thinking of, what we are caring about!

This is the purpose since we established. We focus on improving production and research all the time and on the promise of items quality, we would always upgrade our products & promote profession of our sales team to meet more variety demand from clients.