Our UPLOAD ARTWORK area is designed to ensure that your customized trade show display astounds audiences through its vibrance and clarity. With this goal in mind, it’s crucial to adhere to the following recommended artwork guidelines so that we can produce the sharpest, most eye-catching graphic prints for you and your brand.

For more information on the UPLOAD ARTWORK area, please refer to the UPLOAD ARTWORK area step-by-step guides.

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We provide artwork templates for our trade show displays. Artwork templates can be found on applicable product pages or the Graphic Templates page in .eps and .pdf formats. These formats ensure quality, high-resolution images that result in clear, vibrant graphics. While we prefer the aforementioned file types, the online editor accepts the following raster and vector image file formats:

Encapsulated PostScript file (*.eps)

Adobe Acrobat document (*.pdf)

Adobe Photoshop CS6 image (*.psd)

Adobe Illustrator CS6 artwork (*.ai)

TIFF image (*.tif, *.tiff)

JPEG image (*.jpg, *.jpeg)



All final print-ready graphic files must be flattened to a single layer and built at 150 DPI (Dots Per Inch) in CMYK mode with all guidelines and template layers removed.

The maximum file size per graphic file is 350 MB. Any files that exceed the 350 MB maximum will not be accepted. If your graphic file is too large, please refer to our Artwork Compression guide for instructions on compressing your graphic file into an acceptable size.

If you require a Pantone color matching service, the elements in your file must be created with that Pantone color. You must provide the Pantone color number(s) upon uploading your artwork, or we cannot guarantee color-matching. We limit color matching to two (2) color call-outs. Please refer to the section below detailing our Pantone color match requirements.



It is best to embed all images and outline all text to ensure that nothing will drop out or change during file transfer.

Our preferred file type to receive is an 8-bit flattened .tiff file at 150 DPI in CMYK mode, built to the dimensions of the product's respective template.

Do not include any bleeds in your layout. This particularly applies to graphics designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Design your artwork to the "Overall Graphic Layout Size" of the template while keeping the important text and logos in the safe viewable areas. We generate proofs from the artwork submitted and don't necessarily know "That wasn't supposed to wrap around to the back!"


If you have properly built your artwork with Pantone colors (in the areas you wish to match), we can perform a color match. We only match 100% solid Pantone colors from the Pantone FORMULA GUIDE Solid-Coated (see below for specifics). We do not match any type of gradient, images (e.g., a photograph of a person or landscape) or a percentage of a Pantone color.

Should you request a Pantone match with your artwork not being built with them, we will respectfully either ask that you waive matching or request that you resubmit artwork that's been corrected with them now in the file(s).